Take a tour of The Wild Hare in Monticello, AR Bed & Breakfast

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Welcome, we hope you enjoy your visit. To find out more read about the history of the home or click on images to view rooms and their description.

THE HISTORY: Newlyweds built this stately home on South Main Street in Monticello, Arkansas, just three blocks from the town square.  Heart cypress was used on the studs and exterior siding.  The double slope wraparound porch greets guests as well as the original screen door with build in bell to announce their arrival.

Leaded glass sidelights surround the front door and stain glass decorates several front windows.  A wide central breezeway connects the foursquare room design with its twelve foot ceilings and transom windows giving the house an airy feel.

One downstairs room where our bar and gift shop is located still has the original plank floor exposed as well as the original blue & white wallpaper on cheesecloth peeking out.  The home was passed down through family members until 2013 with minimal updates.  The bathrooms and kitchen were modernized in 1980 making them able to cater to dinner parties, showers, receptions an weddings.

Though nothing else historical was altered in 2013, the house is brought into use today by being dressed in shabby chic furnishings, eclectic art, and whimsical  decorations.

TODAY: Being called The WIld Hare, we have our resident wild hare, Boudro, a large English Lop eared rabbit who greets guests and dines of the organic lettuce from the front yard as do many of our guests when they order chef salad.


Four fireplaces with original mantles and three sets of pocket doors complete the lower parlor rooms. Smaller parties and luncheons can reserve a parlor  during our normal business hours and still have privacy. A touch of ceiling bead work brings the eye to the central staircase making it a popular spot for picture taking.

ROOMS: Spacious bedrooms available for rent at the Wild Hare in Monticello, AR Bed & Breakfast.

Our rooms can accommodate you or your family during your next trip to Monticello. Rent the whole house for weddings or special events. Click on each image to read more about the rooms.


RESTAURANT: Dine in for lunch at The Wild Hare in Monticello, AR, or reserve rooms for your next shower, meeting, or event.

OUTDOORS: Enjoy the porches to eat, relax, or watch the birds.